Wireless HMDs. Mac VR and other new announcements at SteamDevDays

One of the most interesting videos is about the new SteamVR controller which supports finger sensing so open hand, half open hand etc can be realised in VR.  Due to the design you can let go of a virtual object by simply letting go in the real world.  This is pretty neat stuff. Oculus Touch controllers also have finger sensing.  It appears that both HTC and Oculus were working on this tech at the same time.  Competition is good!

Another interesting one for me is Mac support coming back to Vive.  That and Apple reportedly hiring NVidia engineers which could mean that NVidia cards will reappear in Macs again (something I have longed for).

  • No VR content announcements from Valve at SDD, but expect something that won’t disappoint people in the room next year. (source at 07:43)
  • Support for all popular game controllers in the Steam API (source)
  • Steam Link will be integrated into new Samsung TVs (source)
  • 1000 new VR users on Steam every day (source)
  • SteamVR support coming to OSX and Linux (source). Linux VR demos available at the event (source)
  • Lighthouse tech still planned to be an open standard (source)
  • Next gen Lighthouse basestations coming in 2017 (source)
  • A new SteamVR controller is currently in development (source)
  • Valve investing in wireless video company (source) for possibly a wireless VR headset in the near future. UploadVR has more.

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