Time to move away from WordPress

As a developer I often seek the optimum solution to a problem when time is limited. My website for instance is a wordpress site, it is quick to write articles, post them, upload images and videos and all the other convenient gadgetry that comes with having a backend management system. But I don’t know how it does it. WordPress is huge. The code is huge and scattered in a million directions. Plugins are everywhere to make life easier, richer and save time.

I have lost control, or complete freedom to put something exactly where I want it. To have my own back end scripts, databases, tools and “anything” i want. So. WordPress must go. Start simple, build up from there. Now is a good time to think about this as my site is small.

What do I gain from going bespoke?

  • Freedom to design exactly how I want it.  No trying to fit a template to my needs.
  • Speed.  My own pages should load much more quickly than wordpress pages.
  • Portability.  Moving to a different server will be more of a case of drag and drop.
  • Maintenance.  I will instantly know where to fix something if it goes wrong.  If wordpress has a DB crash then I will be left scrabbling.
  • Security, I know what I am adding so the risk of a bad plugin or global wordpress hack is less likely to affect me.
  • Pride.  I should not be using an off the shelf package for my website.  Shame on me!

What do I lose? well the convenience of quick n easy for a start.   This day and age there are many new challenges when building a website.  A good website is responsive, dynamic and compatible across the majority of browsers wishing to view my content.  That is the technical hurdle I must take on.  It will be interesting.