My top games

Just thought I would share an insight into what games I currently consider great.

Diablo III – XBox One
This is great if you are introducing somebody to gaming that would rather watch Bake Off on TV. Start off with an easy difficulty, let them feel the power and run amok, make mistakes and still come out on top. After 10 levels up the difficulty a notch and show them how to equip the correct armor and weapons and understand the stats. Once they understand this and are back to destroying hordes of baddies with abandon, up the difficulty again, now at level 20. This time when they die you get them to equip skills that work together so more thought goes into attacks. Now your non-game playing partner is starting to understand strategy and is at level 30. Finally introduce gems and enchanting to get even more out of your character. My partner is now level 31 and I am not allowed to play unless she is playing too. She’s hooked which brings a tear to my eye.

Torchlight II – PC
I love Torchlight, the steam workshop for all the mods, diablo style hack and slash, pets. Bliss.

Path of Exile – PC
This is free to play with microtransactions but believe me, you don’t need to spend any money to have a great time. Also, once you learn how to buy and sell items the game becomes much better. The skill tree is gigantic allowing for so many different classes. I clocked up 400+ hours in this one.

Tera – PC
This is another free to play game with microtransactions. The game starts of OK. Typical kill 10 of these and 10 of those. It gets much more interesting when you are around level 23 and BAM’s appear more often. BAM stands for Bad Ass Monster and they roam the later levels. You can tell what a BAM is because they are usually 20 times bigger than your little character and do massive damage unless your are concentrating. It is hectic killing them but so much fun. Some are very hard to work out how to bring down but that is part of the fun. You can be solo or in groups too so it doesn’t matter much.

And my all time favourite of old is Asheron’s Call. This came out around the time of Everquest 1 but I found it faster paced, fun and even scary as you roamed the huge seamless world looking for motes. It was my first MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I played it for 7 years straight, longer than World of Warcraft which got a measly 4 years out of me. I have some epic memories of the game too. Especially when they introduced “The white rabbit” from Monty Python. About 20 of us went to see if we could kill it (nobody had yet). We got there, all organised, charged and it was mayhem. The rabbit one shotted even the highest level players, it was hilariously futile. Some bright spark that had maxed out his run speed kited the rabbit back to the nearest town and that was even funnier. People were shouting “What just killed me!?!?” as player after player made an OOOF sound and dropped dead. It chewed through about 50 players before everybody was either dead or standing on a building. Epic moment in gaming history.

Anyway, Looking forwards to Star Citizen.