Latest AMD Driver for Crossfire enabled FirePro D700 Win 10 Bootcamp with mXDriver

For those of us with a 2013 Mac Pro and Bootcamp we often gnash our teeth at the slow yesteryear GPU drivers released by Apple while all the other AMD users get the latest and greatest.  Well, not any more.

Welcome mXDriver This is a modified installation routine that will allow the latest AMD Crimson drivers to work on Windows 10 for D700, D500 etc and it was so easy to use.  Just follow this guide and you will have the shiny new Crimson drivers and control panel installed in minutes.

A worthy mention is if you intend to enable crossfire for your games then make sure you select that game in the crossfire profile section.  After doing this, Black Ops 3 on my system ran flawlessly with no flickering textures in high quality on my D700’s at max monitor Hz.  Lovely.  This driver also enables Vulcan, an SDK by AMD that greatly increases FPS for games like Doom.