Concept – Wireless 4K per eye VR using two iPhone 7’s in SLi

So could we put two high end phones into a case, sync them together (lightning adapter for SLI) and have 4K per eye running at 60fps wireless, mobile VR? Wireless portable VR with richer, clearer pixel denity, wider FOV and matching performance of a Vive/Oculus.  No tethered computer required.

A rumour popped up that the new iPhone 7 will be able to show 4K Video at 60FPS. And then news of the StarVR VR headset that will appear at iMax with huge 210 degrees of FOV which looks like it houses two phones.  MacRumors also suggest that the new iPhone 7’s proximity sensor could detect gestures.  Your hands become controllers?  Exciting!

On another thought. I invented a spider ladder this morning, you hang it over your bath or shower cubicle so the little critters can escape jail rather than land on you while naked. OMFG Riches.

Edit: It would appear not.  The new iPhone 7 is not 4K, it is 1920 x 1080