Bookmark Reminder Pro 2.2 – minor fix

Minor fix in this version 2.2 that relates to keywords not saving when you Add a new bookmark, edit the keywords and click save without leaving the keywords field.  While the new version is waiting for approval the workaround is to click off the keywords field before clicking the save button.  Editing existing bookmarks and[…]

Animating characters

The last few weeks have been spent working on character animations for a client in the US.  Using 3D Studio Max and Biped to animate different actions then exporting for Unity 5 for use in their bespoke system.  It was a short deadline and lots of animations but they all went through with little challenge. It was[…]

3DSMax Exploding objects in MaxScript

When you have an assembled object made up of many smaller objects and want to explode it outwards then MaxScript is a good solution.  I could of course used Particle Flow and geometry for the effect but you lose fine control.  The studio wanted to have one object explode into another object and then another and[…]

Black screen with mouse cursor on Mac bootup – Fix

After an Apple Sierra update last night, the 5K Mac that my parents use was stuck at a black screen with just the mouse cursor.  Thanks Apple! The solution to this I found here: Keep in mind that you are in a terminal type interface and if on the 5K iMac then the text is[…]