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Bookmark reminder pro is a Mac app for saving your current web page with the great benefit of adding simple date or intelligent reminders to the web pages that you follow.

  • Compatible with Chrome and Safari.
  • Automatically fetches the page title, url and creates a full page screenshot that you can pan/zoom for a thumbnail picture.
  • Add a date reminder to a web page.
  • Add an intelligent reminder to a web page to alert you if the page changes.
  • Organise bookmarks into folders and subfolders with thumbnail pictures of the web page.
  • Rapid search your stored bookmarks with just one click.
  • Import your existing Chrome or Safari bookmarks in to Bookmark Reminder Pro.
  • Send all bookmarks in a folder to your browser in one click.
  • Bookmark Reminder Pro is like having your own research assistant, always checking web pages for you.

It truly is a powerful little app. And at $2.99 it’s a bargain too.  ** FREE FOR BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND **

As a freelancer I found myself constantly loading different websites each day to check on progress or look for new articles.  With Bookmark Reminder Pro you can just save a web page and ask to be reminded about it later.  Or ask it to check pages for you and only alert you if it detects a change.  When you have a lot of web pages to check each day it makes your life much easier.

When a reminder triggers, a sound will play, a system notification will slide out and a reminder window will appear allowing you to make a choice.  You can open the web page for the reminder, reschedule the reminder or ignore it.  The below image shows a date reminder that popped up.

Date reminder pop-up
Date Reminder

Advanced reminder pop-up:
This reminder has appeared because it detected a change of words on a web page.
Bookmark Reminder Pro - Reminder Popup

Video Guides

How to add Bookmarks or search for existing bookmarks:

How to open a folder full of web pages at once:

How to add a date reminder:

How to add a Keyword based reminder:

How to add an Advanced Reminder:

How to import Bookmarks from Google Chrome browser:

How to import Bookmarks from Safari Browser:

Top Tips

eBay – Get that item you always wanted!

So for this example let’s say I want to buy a an old (legendary) KURO Plasma TV for a spare room, I want to pay less than £250 and it needs to be local and I want to be quick as they go fast at this price.

1. Load ebay as you normally would in Safari or Chrome.
2. Perform the search for the item and set the filters on the left for price and location.
Ebay updates the page and you are looking for the “results” text.  As you can see from the screenshot below the results text reads “0 results”





3. Next, click Bookmark Reminder Pro and click Add Bookmark.

In the reminders section click on the bullet for a “Keyword” reminder and where it asks for a single keyword type “0 results” then hit the blue i button.
This informs you that the keyword “0 results” was found 1 time.  This is exactly what we want.  Enter a time to check e.g. every 15 minutes or hour and click save.








What now happens in the background is that Bookmark Reminder Pro will load this page every 15 minutes and make sure that “0 results” exists.  Anything else like “1 result” or “5 results” would trigger a reminder alert.
You might be asking why do this when you can save a search result using the EBay system.  I have done this and often get a reminder window popup before any email comes through from Ebay allowing me to either BUY the item quickly or ignore it.  It is like having a mini employee who checks for deals all day long!

Twitter – always get an update of crime in your area:

Load twitter, search for your local Police Department and add a bookmark with your location as a keyword reminder.  Whenever they post something (and they usually add the location to the tweet) you will get a reminder informing you.  Alternatively If you want to know when they tweet anything just add the tweet count as a keyword reminder.  If the tweet count increments they you get an alert.

Important announcements – stay ahead of the curve before blog sites and newspapers!

Many businesses will produce white papers or news flashes on their own website before forwarding that information onto blog sites and newspapers.  They often title the new article with a date and year.  Just add a keyword reminder with the year as the keyword.  e.g. “2017” Bookmark Reminder Pro counts how many times the keyword “2017” appears on the page and for example found it 6 times as there are 6 articles with that year.  Simply enter “2017” as the keyword and “6” as the “different from” value and whenever they add a new news flash in 2017 you will get a reminder.  This is great for blog sites too as you can monitor many different pages for news flashes and be the first to re-post it.



Change Log

Version 2.2:
21st Nov 2017
1. Fixes bug where keywords are not saved on Add New Bookmark if user never leaves the field before clicking save button.

Version 2.1:
5th Nov 2017

1. Fixed Import bookmarks failing on empty page title.
2. New (optional) log system to monitor whats going on.
3. Percent changes in Keyword and Advanced reminders e.g. 0.1% difference will now work correctly.
4. Fixed count keyword button not enabling if the background page load gets stuck.
5. New, imported bookmarks from Chrome now include icons and date added.
6. Fix on editing imported bookmarks that do not have a valid url (e.g. javascript:)
7. New, added version and build number in Preferences screen.
8. New, added a button to “Open all in Browser” when in the browser view so you can load all the webpages in that folder with one click.
9. General grammatical fixes throughout and GUI alignment tweaks.

Version 2.0:
16th Oct 2017
The 2.0 version has had an overhaul of the reminder system bringing new ways to be reminded of web page changes.  Not only can you use the old way of a date or time but you can now scan pages for keywords found (or not found) and a reminder will popup under those conditions.  You can also use advanced reminders that can check for differences in word count inside html tags, class, ID’s or even complex css-selectors.