Bookmark Reminder Pro v2.0

After many months of development, version 2.0 of Bookmark Reminder Pro has been uploaded to the app store.

The new version has had an overhaul of the reminder system bringing new ways to be reminded of web page changes.  Not only can you use the old way of a date or time but you can now scan pages for keywords found (or not found) and a reminder will popup under those conditions.  You can also use advanced reminders that can check for differences in word count inside html tags, class, ID’s or even complex css-selectors.


  • Updates to the upcoming version 2.1:

    1. Fixed Import bookmarks failing on empty page title
    2. New (optional) log system to monitor whats going on.
    3. Fixed percent changes in Keyword and Advanced reminders e.g. 0.1% difference.
    4. Fixed count keyword button not enabling if the background page load gets stuck.
    5. Imported bookmarks from Chrome now include icons and date added.
    6. Fix on editing imported bookmarks that do not have a valid url (e.g. javascript:)
    7. Added version and build number in Preferences screen.

    This version is now in testing, if all the tests pass it will be submitted to the app store.

  • New version coming soon. Fixed a bug in the advanced reminder code that ignored fractional percent changes (e.g. 0.1% difference) Also added a log window so you can now see when things are checked and the result of that check.

  • Michael The Geek 

    Love the new update.

    • Thanks for the praise.

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