Bookmark Manager Pro (Windows) Free download.

A while back I originally created this web browser booking utility for Windows using C#, .NET and SQLite.  This was more of an experiment than a commercial product as my even earlier version was written in Delphi but this version worked well and I found myself using it often.  While I didn’t really promote the tool I decided to give it away as a free utility for those that want to play around with it.

So what is it?

Bookmark Manager Pro is a small utility that runs in the status bar as shown by the tiny blue folder below:


You can do the following:

  • Bookmark a webpage from Chrome, FireFox, IE and Microsoft Edge.
  • It auto creates a thumbnail image of the webpage for you.
  • Optionally add a reminder to the bookmark.  This is very useful when you need to be reminded to revisit a web page for some reason.
  • Add notes.
  • Organise your bookmarks into a folder hierarchy.
  • Search bookmarks from the tray icon.


I use it all the time to remind me about web pages I need to look at again such as:

  • Posts I make on forums (I never trust the websites to notify me).
  • Server status pages for web services (I check about 3 every day to make sure things are running smooth).
  • Articles and Blogs that I want to read later in the week.
  • Web pages that have a future event of some kind, like announcements or exhibition news.
  • Things I need to fix.  e.g. Car parts I need to buy (when I have time)
  • Web based emails that I MUST reply to by a certain date
  • Websites that I do not want reminding about like recipes, admin pages, things I want etc

You can download the latest version of the app for Windows here after installing it, find it in the start menu and run it once so that it appears in the tray.  Now open a website that you want to bookmark then click the star to bookmark it.

If you are an Apple Mac user then you can download Bookmark Reminder Pro (a different app) from the Apple App Store.